Pain In The Membrane

Day started out decently. Told R I’d be spending the day with Bex, and since he had nothing for me to do but sit there entertaining him…I didn’t feel bad about it.
Bex mowed the lawn while I did the dishes and cat boxes and laundry.
It was going beautifully, even if I was a little uninspired and restless.
After we fetched Spook from school…
I got hit with a migraine from hell. It was awful. I never sleep during the day but today when Bex asked if I wanted to lay down for awhile and she’d watch my kid…I was so nauseous and so sensitive to light and sound, I did lay down. I catnapped, off and on, for about an hour. Felt better when I woke, but the migraines, rare as they may be for me, pack such a wallop that it’s much like a hangover.
I cooked supper then batcaved.
I’m still bone tired and nursing some migraine aftermath.I can’t wait to succumb to sleep, the brain needs a reboot. Migraines are a bitch.

Figures on a day when my mood is decent, my anxiety is low…I’d get my ass kicked by a migraine and feel too shitty to enjoy my rare mental stability.
It’s all so much ass trash.


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