After an uneventful but highly productive weekend…

And the end of shark week…

Today I feel low, I am tearing up, and every tiny thing is making me take offense. No one cares. You suck. This is what my brain is telling me.

Today I get my fucked car towed away. And maybe this is the delayed response to knowing just how fucked I am. I don’t have a dollar to my name. How am I gonna buy a car? And why does all the bad shit happen to me and usually all at once.

Perhaps it’s hormones being wonky still.

The temp has dropped and it’s getting colder, less daylight. Maybe the seasonal affect is knocking on the door.

This tearing up and feeling fragile and paranoid thing SUCKS. WTF is wrong with me? And why am I surrounded by people who don’t get it and keep telling me, “It’s not so bad.” “Don’t get so bent.”

What is the appropriate response when your car blows up and you have no options? How is that not worthy of an emotional response like this?

Though I rarely cry so this is weird for me.

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.



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