If moods were part of the color spectrum

I got to thinking earlier…It’s difficult to explain moods to those who don’t experience the severe ups and downs of bipolar disorder. Maybe if it could be simplified by colors it would be better understood. (I’m a dreamer, I know.)

Rainbow colors- the euphoria of a full blown manic episode

Neon pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange- the hyperfocused energetic productive hypomanic state

Sky blue- subdued and calm

Dark blue- calm before a mood storm

Baby pink- mellow and loving and affectionate

Hot pink- hypersexuality caused by mania

Orange- hypomanic chattiness

Green- apathetic

Tye dye- high mood with lack of focus or productivity

Olive green- depressed mood with no reason

White- spaced out and blank

Yellow- genuinely cheerful and up with no mania

Crimson red- sudden mood shift into anger without any particular trigger

Purple- mood not high or low, nerves calm

Gray- that in between place after a manic high and prior to a crippling months long depression

BLACK- the color of the depressive abyss where everything is hopeless, awful, and you are hateful, sad, pissed off, and want to die…but you don’t know why

Brown- the point where the black has permeated you so completely you entertain notions of ceasing to exist…and it makes you feel giddy
I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.

I’d say tonight I am in the purple zone.

I’ll take it. Much like rainbows being elusive, so are the colors of the mood spectrum in how long they stick around.

4 Responses to “If moods were part of the color spectrum”

  1. Timiarah Camburn Says:

    It read pretty accurately to me, but then again, I experience such color changes on a regular basis. My euphoric hypos have teal in them, too.

  2. I’d be interested to know what your teal consists of because I thought I’d covered the gamut of colors/mood. Maybe there’s one I’m so accustomed to I can’t differentiate anymore.

  3. I’m all about some purple.

  4. I’ve been following for a while, but I have been avoiding WordPress like the plague for the past year because I started writing just to get it all out. If I didn’t do it on a blog, it wasn’t going to get done because I was on the computer anyways. I just wanted to say that this is actually a pretty darn spot on description of what I go through too. Maybe mood rings should come back into fashion for the times when one doesn’t want to explain their mood based on this list.

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