The sound of silence

Day two, my mind has been quiet. It’s nice. It’s a little frustrating because it;s been a little too quiet. As in lack of creative juices flowing.

If only my outside world were so quiet…

The uzi child has been channeling satan all day. Loud, defiant, aggressive. It’s exhausting. August will be bittersweet. I don’t want Becca to go back to the UK but I can’t wait for my kid to start kindergarten. I am hoping a more structured environment with a static full day schedule might calm her down.

I was productive yesterday and today. Yesterday was hausfrau duty. Today was yard work. I don’t feel any great sense of accomplishment though. So much in life is such a rinse, lather, repeat cycle. Neverending. I don’t find that a negative attitude. It’s just realistic.

My mood was okay.

Twelve hours of taking Uzi fire seems to have worn Bex and both down and our moods have crashed. I suppose this is what the professionals would call a trigger. Yeah, it’s a trigger for my anxiety disorder which stresses me out and makes me depressed. I don’t expect a perfect child…Just less…demonic.

But tomorrow’s a new day. It could be good.

And to quote the movie “Wayne’s World”…monkeys might fly out of my butt.


One Response to “The sound of silence”

  1. imptiness Says:

    It’s been a long day. My production ended at showering. Is it sedative time yet?

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