A quiet-ish mind

Alas…my mind is quiet. REALLY. Maybe I am just tired but for once…the cyclone of thoughts is absent. I feel accomplished, calm, and content. It happens rarely but it’s happening now. I like it. DO WANT.

It could change on a dime but for now…I’m going with it. Quiet is good in a mind that is so often unquiet.

Okay, shameless self and friend promotion.

The blog of Bex.

My ADD random blog of idiotic musings

And remember…

If you want the voices in your head gone…Announce that you’re going to start charging rent. Those mooches won’t pay for anything and will move out immediately.



2 Responses to “A quiet-ish mind”

  1. imptiness Says:

    Thank you for the link. I am glad you are feeling… I wanna say better?… Or in a quieter mode. Brain shut down. Though I am surprised with this CD paying.. Knives in a blender resting on a JACK HAMMER!

    Seriously though, I love you..

  2. Duuude, if 30STM and Placebo are your idea of “knives in a blender” music…I’m not gonna play Bullet For My Valentine or Slipknot for you. Your one and a half feelings would shatter and break,
    Which is a line from another knives-in-a-blender band.
    You’re welcome. Consider it my thanks for subjecting me to a nine minute Greenday song.

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