crash, burn, rinse, lather, repeat

My mood crashed and burned around 5pm.

There was no trigger, nothing happened.

It just…went boom.

Gutter time.

The Paxil was increased so it will likely be this way the first week or so. Never get used to it, though.

I’ve been hanging tough but it doesn’t take Scotland Yard to detect I am in a dark place.

I need a brain reboot. Sleep. Defrag.

Like my kid is going to cooperate with that notion.

Ass trash fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

(big smile because otherwise I will be called a downer.)

(never mind it’s fake, no one cares.)

I wrote this awhile back. Describes the prior seven months of my life.

smile that never reaches my eyes

2 Responses to “crash, burn, rinse, lather, repeat”

  1. imptiness Says:

    Take my hand, I will pull you back. And failing that I will just sit here and IM you from a 4 ft distance if that’s what you want. I can’t mute the uzi. But I can try pre-occupy her for all of…. 3 minutes. If we are lucky that is.

  2. Known the feeling

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