Virgin no more

Okay, I am officially not a “tattoo” virgin anymore. Bex offered to pay for my tattoo, and I had the same design picked out for over 15 years, just never had the money. I mean, I was so devoted to this design, I put “red tigr” on my license plate ten years ago.

So the artist has a cancellation and she worked me in today and the estimate was much higher than what it cost for the size I wanted to the tat. I was, at first, driven and fearless. The longer she made me await (to sterilize and cool the equipment, to have a smoke break) the more my anxiety climbed. I am a “rip the bandaid off NOW” type girl. Being in a holding pattern with anticipation building…It sucked.

Then she was ready for me and I was expecting this bone shattering agony based on what others had told me…And it never came. It was uncomfortable, by a like a dozen thumb packs being driven into flesh. But the true “pain” never did come. Hell, the amnio I had while carrying my kid was worse. I’m not saying it was pleasant but I never made a sound, never cried out, never backed down and said stop. I was proud of myself, because truth be told, I am a wuss when it comes to pain. I did well.

And I was so afraid the locals would fuck it up and make it look like some prison caricature…It turned out beautifully and the colors show up brilliant on my skin. I am sooo happy. Bex granted me a 15 year dream in the making. I keep looking in the mirror to check it out, because it turned out better than I had dreamed of. It didn’t change my life or my mindset, but after 15 years…it was like, finally, I followed through on something. I am eternally grateful to Bex.

I got mixed reviews. I told my dad and he said,”Why’d you go on and get a tattoo? There was a story in today’s paper on all the diseased you can get from tattoos.” My mom and sister congratulated me on my courage and the way I stuck with this same design for so long.;

Family is mind fuck ass trash at times.

My shoulder is sore, but I’ve had sunburns that hurt worse, so it’s ok.  I am so happy, so pleased with how it turned out. So happy I didn’t let the anxiety make me chicken out.

It almost makes up for the anxiety and mood crash that came with the day’s progress. I just can’t abide (the dude does NOT abide!) by the rapid shifts between stable and nutsy kookoo.


I LOVE this tattoo. It is awesome and I owe it to Bex and the artist. Thank you both from the bottom of my cold black heart.

So…I lost my tat virginity today and I have ZERO regrets.


2 Responses to “Virgin no more”

  1. It looks fantastic! I could have told you getting a tattoo wasn’t agony! It hurts and depending how long the tattoo takes it can get painful, but it’s nowhere near as bad as people say. I’m working on my next one right now.

  2. imptiness Says:

    I love you dude x

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