Soggy cereal

That’s how I equate my mood today. Crunchy fresh poured cereal versus soggy milk logged aged cereal. The former being good, the ladder being crap.Today is soggy. Too bad because yesterday prior to panic palooza my mood was decent.

So what happened?

Nothing. The only factor is it was 70 degrees out yesterday and 40 degrees out today.

On the plus side, my anxiety has been barely noticeable today.

On the bad side, I have accomplished nothing, it’s like I want to, know I  need to…but I don’t know where to start because I am a bowl of soggy cereal and the only thing to do is dump the bowl and start with some fresh crunch loops.

Meaning, sleep it off and hope it shifts tomorrow.

When I see that fill in shrink this week, I am going on a soapbox to get off this Viibryd. I don’t think it’s doing shit.

Or maybe I am just doomed to being soggy cereal for life.

One Response to “Soggy cereal”

  1. You’re not soggy cereal. You’re Fruit Loops (do you have them over there?), so many beautiful colours, each as fun and beautiful as the last.Fruit Loops rock awesome socks. I am feeling bad bad bad right now. So I can relate. I don’t know what I am going to do anymore. Much love to you my darling. Hold on.

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