Antidepressant withdrawal SUCKS

Bumpy few days. I actually CRIED the other day. Like six or so tears, nothing major. But the ability to squeeze out tears at all on Lithium is a feat in itself. I was in this bizarre whiny weak bitch mental space and having all these physical symptoms and feeling like I am Satan…

And it hit me..Ha, I’m coming off Cymbalta cold turkey. Insanity explained. I have come off Xanax cold without so much trouble. And the educated oh so brilliant doctor saying, nooo, you won’t have any withdrawal symptoms. BRAIN ZAP BRAIN ZAP BRAIN ZAP MOOD SWING CRASH CRY SCREAM FURY SAD ZAP ZAP ZAP.

To make it even better, I have a vicious sinus infection so my head feels like a lead filled balloon draining 6000 gallons of icky ooziness. I am sneezing, coughing, and dating a box of Kleenex while gasping for air.

They’ve cancelled school again tomorrow due to temperatures even an ice cube would shiver from. So I can’t even get a two hour respite so nurse my withdrawal and drainage in peace.

I have got to stop peeing in people’s Cheerios. It’s the only explanation for all this misery to rain down on me all at once. Or it’s just proving my point that life is shit and bad stuff happens and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows no matter what the optimism mongers say.

Zap.Zap.Zap, says the brain.

No withdrawal my ass.


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