Survived the hellidays. The price of half ass functionality and survival has been three days in the mood gutter. Low. Down. Sad. Slightly paranoid. Lazy. Irritable.


I’m in a dark place. Not the dark where you want to die. Dark where you’re miserable because the depression is so bad, you don’t see the point in life. It’s all pointless. It all sucks. No one and nothing is a comfort. There’s no hope, no ray of light, no point.


What more is there to say from this mindspace?

2 Responses to “Pointless”

  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a lousy time.! It really does suck, trying to get through what can seem like f g forever before it’s gone and done with. I have mixed states this time of year, so I’m like a basketball, up and down, smiling, raging, the whole spectrum of crap. It’s very difficult. It’s almost over. Love to You! Nana

  2. I’m sorry to say I’m the same at the moment. You have my love and sympathy darling. Truffles on their way.

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