A glimpse of clarity

After 5 days in the gutter…I was high functioning today. Clear headed, motivated, determined. Hypo manic. It almost felt like waking up from a sleeping pill and having the fog clear.

Clarity is beautiful. No paranoia, anxiety manageable, mood level (if a little low.)

I got my kid’s gifts bought and wrapped.Did hausfrau work. Spent the evening watching Snapped with my beloved Bex. PRAISE THE SQUID.

Long story.

It’s just…weird. My mind is clear and quiet right now. It is all so random, unpredictable, without rhyme or reason. I wish I could maintain this state all the time.

It doesn’t work that way.

The helliday is upon me. That’s gonna be a bitch. The aftermath will be worse.

For this moment..I am just gonna relish the calm and let the storm come when it may.


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