Crash Crash Burn…again

Yesterday was ass trash. I was irritable and jumpy and I just didn’t want to cope with anyone or anything. Still I semi cleaned house because I knew my mother was bringing my kid new shoes and I don’t her telling me I keep an unfit house for Spook.

It never got better, either.

Today is…Crash crash  burn. Saturday’s good mood left in a hurry and now I am low again. Not like a bad day low or I’ve got the blues. I mean, from the top of a skyscraper to pavement. It’s in my bones. I am irritable again. I guess its to be expected with new med but it’s still annoying and frustrating.

How can I interact normally when I am never stable for two days in a row? And whose Cheerios did I piss in to deserve this shit?

Anyway…enough belly aching before someone calls a wahhhmbulance.

I borrow this off someone else’s blog cos I thought it was hysterical

mood ring

2 Responses to “Crash Crash Burn…again”

  1. Mood swings can be VERY frustrating. I have found myself angry with myself at times as there seems to be no reason why my mood shifts so drastically. Although it is easier said than done, try to not become frustrated with yourself, as the mood shift is not your fault. Also, switching meds can make your feelings and mood go bonkers.

  2. LOVE the picture quote.
    Hun I’m sending the truffles!
    Love you lady.

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