Pressure cooked…and baked…and boiled…

It got cold overnight. I went to bed early, but still…Fell in love with the snooze button cos it was too cold to get up. Woke at 8:05, went into full panic mode. Got my kid to school with 0  mins to spare. Panic attack first thing in the morning never bodes well.

Also it means the abrupt change from 90 degrees on Friday to mid forties has my seasonal affect disorder kicking into overdrive.

Morning was uneventful. Picked my kid up. Decided it was time to finally buy food. Went to a different grocery store than usual, the one that is closer but has such long lines I loathe the place. Figured lunch time would be slower. I was wrong.

My kid was bouncing off the walls disregarding everything I said.

This irritating neighbor lady who’s always hitting me up for rides hit me up for a ride, which made me feel rushed to buy my stuff since she was done and waiting.

It just got to be too much. I panicked. It was all I could do to get out with my stuff paid for and my kid in tow. I didn’t even return the cart to the corral and I know that makes me evil but I…couldn’t do it. And I couldn’t make room for the neighbor and her stuff and she seemed to think I was obligated to do so, which caused me more anxiety and my kid was just being a buttmunch and…

I don’t know how I avoided a screaming mimi.

Then  had a quiet afternoon. Until school got out. Then it became crazy again with the demon girls.

Then the kids took off to play elsewhere and hurt my kid’s feelings.

Days like this are just too much. I want a warm shower, clean jammies, and about eight hours in the dark zonked out. I have had a headache all day and Tylenol’s barely making a dent. ENOUGH.

This too shall pass.

God, I hate cliches even when they are true.

Because until it DOES pass I feel like my brain is clawing its way out of my skull.


3 Responses to “Pressure cooked…and baked…and boiled…”

  1. Truffles. We. Need. Them. Now.

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