The joy(lessness) of Cymbalta withdrawal

I am at the shop. The entire exhaust is off my car dragging on the ground. R blew up, even though the exhaust system has needed replaced for the last six months and he chose to ignore it rather than fix it when I said I’d work the parts into my budget. He says I’ve got it all bent and fucked up. Yeah, it’s all me. Does any man on the planet do anything but pass the blame onto anyone but themselves or well, “shit happens,no one is to blame.”

I am wavering between tears of utter frustration and anger induced tantrums.

Welcome to coming off an anti depressant.

The brain zaps, the mental fog, feeling half drunk, like everything is wrapped in gauze…The irritability, the personality changes, the mood swings, the anger…

This is worse than any of other withdrawal I’ve been through. Those were physical ordeals, brain zaps, etc. This is mental and it has turned me into a pile of raw nerve endings with no clue if I am coming or going.

With all the medical marvels and miracles they have come up with…Why can’t they formulate anti depressants to avoid this withdrawal bullshit?

If this one is like Effexor. I am facing about six weeks of this crap. It will of course get better but with the way I am feeling, I am wondering if it will get better before I say or do something in some emotional fugue that can’t be undone.

I want to go curl up in bed and cry.

I want to rise above this whiny wimpy state and get on with life because shit happens.


My fingertips feel numb. Like I am wearing oven mitts on  my hands. I have already walked into two walls today.

Life is good.


2 Responses to “The joy(lessness) of Cymbalta withdrawal”

  1. Coming off crap is hard. I’m coming off stuff that caused me to fall asleep on the road and ram another car. Now I’m sleepy – but not enough to actually fall asleep – all the time.

  2. Unfortunately Cymbalta is notoriously known for it’s intensive withdrawal effects. “doctors” who prescribe this shit should be fired immediately, I do not believe any story that says there were no severe withdrawal effects on this shit. It really is a shame we live in a culture where the person whos in charge of your well-being is not qualified tp do that at all. They are paid to be shit.

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