Did I shave my legs for this?

Today sucked. Not traumatic, just one little thing after another going wrong. A whiny sick kid glued to my hip. I just took her to the shop with me. Spare myself my mom making me feel evil for going in when my kid is not feeling well. Plus, she was my excuse to flee the second he got back. Not that fleeing into 92  degree heat with even my pancreas sweating was more appealing.

Kids were on the door before I could even get it unlocked and go pee. I am letting them overstay their welcome since they are allegedly moving by the first of August and I know Spook loves them. But if I see that girl Damiana twice a year, I will be perfectly content. Annoying doesn’t begin to cover it.

My day started out with 1.) dumping my loose tobacco all over the carpet ten mins before I intended to leave. Then I couldn’t find my glasses and spent an hour only to discover the cats knocked them behind the tv stand. My kid was recovering courtesy of Tylenol so it was juggling razor blades for my central nervous system what with her being the tazmanian adhd devil. Got halfway down the road before I realized I forgot to put the trash at the curb, so I had to come back.

Needless to say, I was exasperated and on the edge of panic and anger. I just hate days like this. I know shit happens, I just prefer it to be meted out in increments, not bam, bam, bam, on after another. My fragile psyche can’t roll with that many punches.

But it is now 10 pm and I get to relax and I likely won’t have to be at the shop tomorrow and I think I can finally breathe.

Just one of those days where you ask, “Did I shave my legs for THIS?”


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