I told you so

It’s 9 am.

Thus far my “new” car has overheated and started gushing anti freeze,leaving me stranded and carless (R picked me up.)

My glasses broke.

I lost my cell phone.

That icky feeling in your gut?


This day sucks, I am in panic mode, I feel hobbled with no car, now knowing my small Christmas money budget will have to go on a car R told me was solid…

How am I not supposed to be panicking and depressed?

I know shit happens, things go wrong. Fine.

But must it all be at once? For fuck’s sake, I can’t catch a break.



TO breathe.

I hate using a computer that isn’t mine.



2 Responses to “I told you so”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I can’t seem to catch a break at the moment. Everytime I turn a corner I hit a brick wall.

    I would say “keep your head up, it’ll get better” but I hate when people say that to me. Because they have no way to tell if it’s true.

    But we are making progress with the truffle recipe.

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