All Aboard: A New Medi-go-round ride is beginning

The doctor did not reject my dual mood stabilizer idea out right.

She said we’d try her idea first.

Her idea is Cymbalta.

I took my first 30mg dose last night.

Of course, my kid woke up four times and I was grumpy with her and barely able to amble along and keep my eyes open. EXACTLY what I told the shrink I did not want.


She says this is less for the depression and more for the panic disorder, she is going to yank me off Xanax next. Oh wait, their word is “wean” but when something works and you take it from me, I consider it yanking. I am not digging my heels in, mainly because I have about a six month stash of Xanax compiled. I don’t abuse the stuff. I take what gets me through the day and the rest just stays in the damn bottle. Not that anyone listens to me. And her theory that it oversedates me is crap. The ONLY reason I have rejected Klonopin and Ativan,et al in favor of Xanax, is because they do make me a sleepy zombie and Xanax does not. Individual chemistry and all that.

No matter. I’m only the insignificant being taking this crap, the doctors and their books know everything.

And this doctor…She contradicts herself,or gets confused or something. She does not remember taking me off Melatonin for sleep. I know she told me not to take it with Elavil when we switched to that, otherwise I wouldn’t have given my sister a perfectly good ten dollar bottle of Melatonin if I could use it.

And trying to make her understand the whole Medicare prescription plans is pointless. You HAVE to ask for pre-approval for brand name drugs or they just substitute it with something similar that is generic. That’s how I ended up with Celexa even though she prescribed Lexapro. It has always been this way as far as my script plan goes. And she sat there telling me, no, it doesn’t work that, no other patient she has with Medicare has any problem getting brand names, blah blah blah.

There are times I just want to beat my head against the wall.

BUT if what she said is true about Cymbalta actually helping ease the withdrawal symptoms from Effexor, that would be a good thing. I swear these meds are giving me brain damage, I can’t type properly anymore, I go to speak and get my words garbled…They wonder why we’d rather be sick than take this crap, but honestly. Do we know what this is doing to us long term?

Knowing I don’t have much choice since all other avenues have been exhausted doesn’t make it any better. Talk therapy, light therapy, color therapy, chakra therapy, hypnosis, herbal supplements, diet and exercise…I have tried everything short of electroshock and an exorcism and I still haven’t ruled out the exorcism.

Oh, well. Onward. Hope for the best.










4 Responses to “All Aboard: A New Medi-go-round ride is beginning”

  1. I was on Cymbalta for all of two weeks. It made me so full of rage, uncontrollable RAGE, that I had to physically restrain myself from hitting random people in public. My GP has it listed as a medication “allergy” on my medical record. It’s in the same family as Effexor and Prozac. My mum had a bad reaction to Prozac and I have been advised not to even try that one. So when a new psychiatrist prescribed me Effexor despite hearing my history, I threw it in the bin and never went back.

    But as you tolerate Effexor you should be fine. I hope it helps.They always take away the medication that makes a difference. Never let us have what helps. I’m told not to drink with my meds, but the majority of the time the alcohol is the only thing that gets me through the night.

    Here’s hoping it helps.

    • The doctors should listen more. Most of us don’t drink because it solves anything. But when my anxiety and paranoia reach fever pitch and the crazy thoughts begin to beat me up…That alcohol numb is the saving grace, at least in that respect. It does add to the depression but if it gets me past a “you should kill yourself” night…Who are they to judge me? Hugs

  2. I was on Cymbalta also for depression and panic attacks. It worked for me and greatly reduced panic attacks (thought I still get the chest pains like I’m going to have one). I was also given Klonopin which I rarely took. If you are taking the Cymbalta to ease symptoms of the Effexor, your kinda being put in a lose-lose situation because Cymbalta has it’s own withdrawl. And it’s horrible. Brain zaps, dizziness, apathy. Makes me a drooling zombie. That’s the one thing my doctor forgot to tell me that trying to get off this med was pure hell. Have you tried anything natural? just curious

    • That is so strange that it worked for your panic attacks because all it did was cause me to have even more. It did make me not depressed but typical of antidepressants in bipolar patients, it made me go manic. So…Now I get to wean off this for a week. I’ve done this from so many meds it’s obscene and it always sucks but I inevitably survive it. Oddly enough, I find the withdrawal from most anti depressants a hundred times harder than withdrawing from benzos. I guess everybody is different but it’s bizarre that anti deps have the addiction/withdrawal angle.

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