Quickie post before having my head shrunk

isn’t it false advertisement to call them headshrinkers? I’ve been going for 20 years and my head has yet to shrink down one single size.


Stupid med withdrawal.

And another misconception.

Withdrawal means you crave what you are withdrawing from, like booze or drugs. (Illegal drugs.)

I don’t want any more Effexor, ffs. I just want it out of my system.

I see the shrink today, she had a cancellation and they got me in two weeks early. I am spazzing out from coming off Effexor and it is wreaking havoc on my life and functionality. I have done some research and have a thought to run by her. I don’t know if she will be conducive but wish me luck, guys.

Before my brain climbs out of my skull and hits me with a shovel while I am not looking.



3 Responses to “Quickie post before having my head shrunk”

  1. I spent 8 years on Valium and came off the stuff a year ago. Total fucking nightmare, but a lot better for it now.

    Good luck! It does get easier.

    • Yeah, next she is taking away my Xanax, two withdrawals in the same six month span. I am thrilled. NOT. There are times I’d like to do away with all the pills but wait, I have done that before. It has never ever worked out well. I haven’t ruled out electroshock but if my brain gets scrambled anymore, it will be an omelet.

  2. The withdrawals suck. It’s just a chemical dependency, different from drugs or booze as we don’t WANT anymore of the pill. My GP just increased my Endep which I use for depression but is also used for pain treatment. I’ve been asking her for months to please help me with the depression and it took having chronic pain for her to do it.

    I feel for you honey.
    Big hugs.

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