Tues 5/22/12 12:18 AM

Why am I awake? I have  NO idea.
I took the full dose of sleepers and my brain and eyeballs are wrapped in mummy cobwebs but I am sitting here trying to blink them away.
Yes, I have some very vivid strange dreams these days. I don’t remember the dream, just the ominous hangover once I woke up and felt that sense of doom in my gut.

Speaking of my gut, I was up at 10:30 pm with one of my legendary burning stomach aches, guzzling milk to make it stop. It was pretty bad.

I also missed a call from Kenny, am wondering what that is all about. Probably warning me of some new drama with R and his Mrs.
Got enough of my own what with the bloody stalker robbing me of cell phone time again with irritating texts. I just ignored him after the sixth one, I mean, really, dude???? I have told you friendship is fine, anything else, fuck off.
He’s a fucking moron.

Yeah, I’m definitely pms-ing or something. This level of hostility and irritability aren’t quite in keeping with anything but my hormones being wonky.



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