Abilify side effects wore than having a platypus controlling me

5/24/12 2:04 am

That shrink was not kidding when she said the Abilify would make me feel like I need to move around constantly.
I can’t seem to stop sitting down and getting up, wandering about, piddling with this and that. It’s nice to get little things done but it’s a bit maddening. I can’t even sit still long enough for one of the cats to nap on my lap or in Azazel’s case, my shoulder.
This is a little unsettling. Two am, I need to be gearing down for bed.
I really didn’t want to take an Elavil, the last two days of narcolepsy in the mornings has sucked ass.
But if I don’t get sleepy soon on my own, I may have to.
This does not make me happy.
I think they should just prescribe hard liquor for sleep.


5 Responses to “Abilify side effects wore than having a platypus controlling me”

  1. I didn’t like Abilify, it didn’t do anything for me honestly.
    I found that sort of feeling, the can’t sit still thing, when I was on Cymbalta. Which I only took for a week, and I was so ANGRY I had to physically restrain myself from violence. Apparently that was a bad reaction to the drug, it is now listed as an allergy.

    I would be first in line for a booze prescription.

  2. bipolar type2 Says:

    I was on Abilify for a long time. Eventually my dosage had to be decreased because I was suffering from Akathesia (http://www.logarithmic.net/pfh/akathisia) which sounds like what you may be experiencing. Of course I was on Seroquel along with the Abilify, and when taking 2 antipsychotics you have to be careful. I eventually went off of the Abilify because I was on such a low dose that it wasn’t even worth taking anymore.

    • The doctor warned me this side effect was possible, and I’ve only been on Abilify three weeks, so I am hoping I will either adapt or it will tune itself down in awhile. I know since starting it my mood has improved and the paranoia isn’t as bad, so if being restless is the trade off, I am leaning toward learning to live with it. Thanks for the input!

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